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Sanitary Units:

We utilize the most developed and strongest sanitary unit on the market. These units ensure customer satisfaction because they:

  • Demonstrate your dedication to your users needs
  • Are Attractively coloured yet discreet in size and location
  • contain a unique bi-fold modesty lid
  • Are unobtrusively slimline in shape

This service involves the initial installation of the required units, then on an agreed basis (monthly, fortnightly or weekly) these units are exchanged. The used unit is removed and replaced with a fresh and clean unit. The used unit is taken back to our service depot where they are discharged, deodorized and sanitized.

Ultra modern Hands Free Sanitary Units are also available if requested.

Air Freshener Units:

These metered Aerosol Dispensers are professionally designed to service up to 6000 cubic feet of space and the smart high tech L.C.D. panel design allows us to select and set the functions that best meet your needs.

These dispensers are suitable for the sweet smell released into the restroom and are easily adapted to dispense Insect spray into food preparation and eating areas. The advantage in food areas is that customers see these dispensers as Air fresheners and not as Insect sprays.

In servicing these units we replace the old canister with a new one, replace the batteries and service the mechanism inside the machine.

Soap Dispensers:

These wall mounted dispensers release an economical amount of fragmented lanolin enriched hand soap hygienically and efficiently . The soap cleans and smooths the skin while eliminating the need for small bars of soap or unattached dispensers.

Hand soap can be liquid, gel, foam or anti-bacterial.

Nappy Disposal Service:

Our tailor made servicing schedule when combined with the utilization of the most developed and strongest deodorizing granules on the market, ensure client satisifaction. These units ensure staff and client satisfaction due to:

  • The demonstration of your dedication to your staff and client needs
  • Maintains a pleasant odour
  • Eliminates dangerous germs and bacteria
These units are serviced on an agreed schedule where we replace the used unit with a complete clean and fresh unit. These units are suitable for use in pre-schools, shopping centres and a large number of places where Nappy's are frequently changed.

WC and Urinal Sanitisers:

These sanitisers maintain the toilet bowl and urinals by cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing with each flush.

Sanitisers reduce toilet-cleaning requirements and do away with traditional acid based cleaners. These sanitizers work with every flush, releasing a powerful biological cleaning formula that breaks down organic waste. By cleaning away this waste, sanitizers eliminate the source of stains, encrustations and malodours. At the same time it keeps drains free flowing and choke free.

These Sanitizers are serviced monthly where the left over chemical is removed and replaced with fresh, clean and active ingredients.

Urinal Deep Cleans (Hygiene Treatment):

This service gets down and dirty in the areas where normal cleaners dont want to go. Deep cleaning your urinals allows for the removal of uric acid build up (dark yellow to brown crust viewed on poorly maintained urinals) and keep''s the urinal clean and pleasant smelling.

The frequency of this service is dependent on the condition of the urinal. New and well maintained urinals usually only require this service quarterly, however older urinals or urinals that are heavily used (or not regularly flushed) require more frequent services.

Toilet Seat Wipes (Saniwipes):

The majority of all public toilet seats are contaminated.

During the last few years many systems have been developed, pretending to offer the ultimate solution for this problem. Despite some very well thought out techniques, none of these systems can be as effective as the Bentfield Toilet Seat Cleaner Systems.

Country Hygiene offers you this very simple and cost effective solution to this straightforward problem. This system enables everyone to wipe off dirt, germs, and other invisible bacteria from the toilet seat, with simply some moisturized and sanitised toilet paper.

These units are serviced monthly, with the replacement of the internal bags,and checking of all working parts.

Sharps Disposal:

Country Hygiene provides a sharps disposal service with full document tracking according to EPA guidelines.

A 2 litre steel sharps safe can be fastened to the wall and then we exchange and dispose of the internal sharp container. Other systems, or container sizes can be utilised and tailored to meet your individual circumstances.

The sharps unit would be serviced once per month with the unit emptied and the contents shipped to Sydney for disposal at the High Termperature Incinerator.

Medical Units:

This service involves the initial installation of the required units. Then on an agreed basis (monthly, fortnightly or as required) these units are exchanged. The used unit is removed and replaced with a fresh and clean unit. The used unit is taken back to our service depot where they are stored until collected for high temperature incineration in Sydney. This service includes complete document tracking and disposal according to EPA guidelines.

Vending Machines:

We have access to the most effective and vandal proof machines currently available on the market. These machines can vend single or multiple products. All products can be supplied to fit the machines.

For installation and service costs, please contact us to discuss your requirements with a business professional.


"Very happy with service, really good, no problems, approachable, no trouble, they make it easier for you"      - Highland Pine

"Thoroughly pleased with the service and professional care from Country Hygiene in looking after our needs as well as their ver competitive rates.

We would be more than pleased to recommend their service to any company interested."      - Orange Christian Outreach Centre

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  • We install and service all produts, which are covered by our unconditional guarantee.
  • All unit costs are included within the service fee. Additional units required due to breakage by vandalism will be replaced at additional cost to the customer
  • We do not find the need to tie people to lengthy contracts or wordy contracts. The quality of our service is our guarantee to you.